Mũtũngũrũ Inoorero Farmers at Work

Mũtũngũrũ farmers making compost

Mũtũngũrũ Inoorero farmers making compost

Inoorero Conservation Agricultural Research Institute (ICARI) farmers in Mũtũngũrũ are getting ready for the October planting season.

Jacinta Wangũi Kĩgĩo, a Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi instructor, has been teaching them sustainable soil fertility management practices and better composting methods.

The farmers have this July come for instruction in great numbers in response to a call in June through a flyer that was posted in public places to announce the beginning of this year's preparations for the short rains planting season.

The short rains season runs from October to December. It is locally known as Kĩmera kĩa Mwere.

After learning composting and other conservation agriculture techniques in groups, the farmers apply the knowledge learned at their respective homes. They make their own composts and prepare their gardens for planting using their newly acquired techniques.

Jacinta Wangũi Kĩgĩo (extreme right, above), demonstrates the compost making process at the home of one of Inoorero farmers in Mũtũngũrũ, Kenya. The picture below shows Mũtũngũrũ Inoorero farmers displaying their newly acquired farming implements. The new farming implements, which were provided by Harakati ya Kilimo-Uhifadhi, were shared among seven smaller groups of between 5 and 12 neighboring farmers.

Mũtũngũrũ Inoorero Farmers Display Their New Farming Implements

Mũtũngũrũ Inoorero Farmers Display Their New Farming Implements